Erotic Transformation
  Fantasy, Fetish, Role Play

Prissys Sissies/Mrs Silk

Not every cross-dresser has a sissy side and not every cross-dresser aspires to become a proper domesticated servant.  Those who find themselves delighting in such notions could be starring in my own real life fantasies.  I have many genuine interests.  All things sissy and sissy maid training have become more like obsessions with me.  I added this webpage as a glimpse into one side of my mind.  Whether I am of a working mind or not, two of my  favorite  sites on the web are and Mrs Silk's sites.  I intend to add more to this page as I am granted permission from the webmasters but to begin with, I'll introduce

If you have a sissy mind set, you cannot help but appreciate  Drawings of the prissiest sissies in glamour and distress, with facial expressions that tell it all from a true sissies observational point. In addition to those delicious drawings, there are stories, letters, guest artists, guest writers, (like me), and on and on.  On you are treated to a good amount of free samples and from these samples you can get an excellent idea of what might be to come.  This is not a site where your credit card gets billed every month. You can opt to purchase any of the different issues described there.  At this writing, their latest issue was # 92. The issues sell for a nominal amount of 17 or 18 US dollars. I do encourage you to visit these sites. I believe you might find a like minded paradise.                                            

Another favorite of mine is Mrs Silk's sites. Please check back here for more info.  I'm working on it now.
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