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      Crossdresser Fantasies
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La di da!  I've always been attracted to boys dressed as girls!  Love to take charge of them.

  Girls just wanna have fun!

I also sometimes write for,  my all time fav sissy site!
"Imagine!!!  playing
out a scene from "  

"With much enthusiasm, Eva Marie proves that she understands the needs, the wants, and the desires that
so many of us share."

"Whether you are a part time glamour slut or a frilly little sissy, (or even just curious),  Eva Marie is going to surprise and delight you.  Fun fun fun."

"Mistress Eva's new cuckold fantasy trip is a safe way to revel in the taste of this ultimate fantasy.   Beyond my wettest dreams, this cuckold themed session  was one  ingenious

"Delightfully creative, ex: peenie accessories and other things she comes up with like the  training devices of your drippiest dreams!"
"Her mind is amazing and kinky! She knows exactly what we want to hear and says it in many ways.  She knows exactly the way we want to feel too. 

Oh my, oh my"

"Too many are emotionally detached, or luke warm at best. Not Eva Marie!

  She is HOT to the touch, Yeeeoooww!"

"With wide eyed enthusiasm, Eva Marie is a force of sensual energy."

"Eva Marie has special mirrors and lighting any dresser would love and I liked the way she did real Hollywood style glamor make-up, (as opposed to the drag queen look).  I was completely surprised and overtaken by what she did.  I've been dressing many years now, and never looked or felt so pretty in my life."


When you look in the magic mirror, what do you see?

A.  A young waif, the picture of femininity in soft colors of slippery satin and stocking tops of lace.

B.  A model on the catwalk, breezing by in layers of sheer black. Sultry. Smoldering. Every eye in the room is on her.

C.  A forcibly femmed , red faced, frilly panty-waist boi who is dressed for "public display day".

D.  A squeamish, squirming limp wristed prissy sissy who minces about, showing off her sissy treasures.

E.  A confidant diva with a mane of fiery red hair and an attitude that needs to be adjusted.

F.  Some hairy guy in long sleeve flannel shirt, levis and cowboy boots. (Ugh!)

I lavishly entertain cross-dressing enthusiasts, from the novice who is just curious to experience something new and different, (like the feel of tight shiny pantyhose or stockings), to those who have serious experience and a wardrobe of their own. Sessions can be a beginner's "silky treatment", and can range all the way up to a full transformation session. That is, as fully transformed as you can possibly be, short of having surgery. ( v-string?) 

Whatever your individual style, your wardrobe Mistress can assemble a lovely matching ensemble that will appropriately reflect the feminine persona in your heart.  Now, what kind of girl are you?  I bet I'll know your type right away!



 I like "Dressing"  to be a big production.

I have slippery satin and shimmering silk.  I have bouncy flouncy frilly willy things.  I have lacy things.  Long things, short things.  Yes, I have "things".  Lots of things. I can deck you out fully as glamor girl slut, a prim and proper French maid, a big girl wannabe sissy, or a lemony sweet babykins sissy.  Next, I can attend to your hair.  I also have many beautiful wigs, glorious long tresses, short bobs, curly, straight, many different styles and colors.

    I have a lot of other "things" too.  
   Toys, Gadgets, Devices, Inventions

            And Special accessories. 
                Very Special.

We can go as far as you want or do as many things as you can afford.  With my Hollywood make up kit, (lighted mirrors too!), I can bring out your best features and camouflage others.  In a two hour, full session, I have never yet had anyone who was not completely floored by the transformation.

                       Now, model for me.

       I'll teach you the walk and how to pose.

         Enjoy all those mirrors.  
After all, That’s why I have so many!

Perhaps you have already enjoyed "dressing" but only by yourself? Then just wait til you experience the sheer thrill of being able to share it with somebody.  And not just somebody, but a person who is as excited about all of this as you are!

And I can orchestrate fantasy scenarios like nobody else, (see Fictional Fantasies page), if you'd like to go down this road after getting dressed. This could turn out to be an experience of a lifetime.  Most likely you will re-live it for some time to come.

If my words stir something within you, you are not alone. Among my clientele of special friends are those who require utmost discretion. I put thought into keeping private things private. If you'd give me the opportunity, I will earn your trust.

    I offer you a safe outlet for expression.  

               Beautiful expression.


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